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Gorges du Tarn - Great Causses
a world to explore

View of Gorges du Tarn from Point-Sublime

the Camping Cassaduc is located South from causse of Sauveterre, it's land of limestone, ewes, Roquefort, the land of The Large Carline Thistle ( Carlina Acanthifolia ), orchids... The landscapes combine the beauty of the steppes to the charm of ruiniform sites such as Chaos of Nîmes le Vieux and Montpellier le Vieux.

Grotte de Dargilan
A magnificent « cardabelle », its leaves still green 

In addition to the discovery of the large Causses and Gorges of the Tarn, starting from the Camp-site of Cassaduc you will be able to practise hiking, as well as leisures as varied as climbing, moutain bike, canyoning, bathe on the Tarn  ( 12 km ) ...
Our very beautiful country offers broad protected wild spaces which will allow you the discovery of a rich various wildlife.
Navigation over the Tarn

Its touristic environment is very rich :
Gorges of Tarn, Jonte and Dourbie
Many caves and avens (Aven Armand, Grottes de Dargilan, Abîme of Bramabiau ...)
The medieval city of Sévérac Le Château (sound and light entertainment in August)
The Gorges of Tarn
A doline on the Causse de Sauveterre
Ledges of Causse Méjean and Causse Noir
Mont Aigoual Observatory
Caves de Roquefort and Causse du Larzac
Chaotic sites of Montpellier-le-Vieux and Nîmes-le-Vieux
Millau, the glove city, and its viaduct


Access :
Highway A75, from North, way out 42 ( 20 mn ) [ Sévérac le Château follow Le Massegros ]
Highway A75, from South, way out 43 ( 20 mn ) [ follow Le Massegros ]
Coming from the Gorges du Tarn, up on the Causse through Les Vignes or La Malène
Excellent situation overlooking Gorges du Tarn, very close to Point-Sublime.
GPS coordinates (DD) : latitude  = +44.31402, longitude = +3.24289

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geographical situation of Camping Cassaduc, South-West of Lozere
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